The search for a contemporary style in recent years has increasingly seen the reappearance of color and decoration on the wall or on the floor or furniture finishes. They are richer interiors that capture the peculiarities of other times, as if to exhibit a composition of the best that the furniture and decoration has been able to offer over the various decades. The decoration therefore returns to have a leading role, the fabrics become full-bodied and it is not by chance that wallpaper is rediscovered, like a second skin for walls and surfaces.

What decoration to choose?

Characteristic of wallpaper singapore products is their high customization, given by digital printing, which allows you to produce ad hoc projects starting from specific graphic files or high resolution photos sent by customers. But not only!

The studio, working digitally for wallpaper singapore, is able to add or delete elements of the composition and change its coloring. The designs can be readapted to different formats than the standard one. The size of the single detail and the aspect ratio of the graphics may vary in the editing process. In the choice of wallpaper, therefore, you have to indulge yourself and give free rein to your imagination!

Wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes, I know it almost seems like a dream but now technology allows the use of wallpaper even in this environment, where the coverings are undoubtedly put to the test. In fact, for the use of wallpaper in the bathroom , vinyl supports with non-woven backing are used (they look like a sheath to understand) or on embossed vinyl non-woven fabric (lighter but absolutely equally resistant) on which the desired patterns.

Wallpaper in the kitchen?

For example, Wallpaper offers a non- woven backing made of 8% glass fiber reinforced with a vinyl surface that guarantees extremely high washability to the product, extremely resistant and waterproof. Class B-S1 d0 fireproofing certificate.