Twin ZONE TEMPERATURE STABILITY – Ivation wine coolers’ compressor expertise ensures the temperature is just not affected by outdoor heat sources and reaches temperatures low sufficient to house sparkling white wines with a fifty-four – 64°F Higher zone & forty-one – 57°F Decrease zone temperature vary! Twin ZONE TEMPERATURE STABILITY – Schmecke wine coolers’ compressor know-how ensures temperature shouldn’t be affected by outdoor heat resources and reaches temperatures low enough to residence glowing white wines with a 54 – 64°F Higher zone & forty-one – 57°F Lower zone temperature vary! In 1641, wine imports from chile and the viceroyalty of Peru into Spain had been banned, severely damaging the wine trade within the colony. Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator You can customize the temperature by touching the management panel.

Upper zone 41-54°F, decrease Zone 54-68°F. The two zones function at completely different temperatures so that your wine is completely chilled at its finest temperatures for pure enjoyment. Single Zone Wine Cooler means a single compartment. With twin zones for individualized settings, this cooler guarantees an optimum environment for long-time period red and white wine storage. OPTIMIZED STORING TEMP ZONES Keep as many as 33 bottles of your crimson and white wines in this wine cooler so you can have a stronger flavor, even if it is the vin de desk sort. Constructed-in security lock to safeguard your beloved wine collections. TEMPERATURE Memory Function: These small wine & beverage coolers restore the set temperature within the cooler after it’s again on from energy misplaced, which keeps your wine assortment from going unhealthy with rising temperature.

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