Many businesses need to outsource tasks related to digital marketing, due to lack of specific knowledge or of their own team that can develop effective 360ยบ Marketing actions. In this context and when faced with a need, the solution appears: they are digital marketing companies that offer you a series of services.

What to ask your digital marketing agency: criteria

Set your priorities

The first thing you need to do is sit down and think about what exactly you need from this agency. SEO? SEM? Social networks? Be aware of what you want to promote and for what purpose, and thus you can establish a first criterion to screen those agencies that are not sufficiently specialized in the fields you are looking for.

Don’t just Google

Yes, Google is useful, but so are professional pages or forums in your sector. There you are more likely to find answers to your questions about specific agencies, you can ask for references, find out about the experience of others, etc.

Investigate their website and social networks

Before making any firm decision, visit their official site. It is their cover letter but, above all, it is the tool that they use as a customer acquisition technique. Being a digital marketing agency you must demand everything that they claim to offer: responsive design, correctly used links, usability and positioning, among other aspects.

Not only quantity, but also quality

Do not trust agencies that promise to place your company in the top positions of search engines in a short period of time or increase the followers of your social profiles. These tasks, if done rigorously and organically, through a content marketing strategy, are neither so fast nor so cheap.

Are you one of them or are you special to that agency?

An online marketing agency, no matter how much experience it has in years of work, must treat each client’s project as unique, like the first, and customize its solutions to the maximum. Because if you limit yourself to applying a predetermined model, they won’t be able to get all the juice that your company can give. Not exploiting each and every one of the possibilities is a mistake that you cannot allow.